The All-In-One “Cultivator” Traditional Spawn Grow Bag – Sterilized

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This bag is SIMPLE to use!

Step 1: Inoculate your bag and wait 10-14 days for the mycelium to consume the spawn at the top.

Step 2: Once the spawn is covered, turn the bag on its side and gently mix the spawn and substrate together!


(Watch the video on how to use the product here: Complete instructions are in the video description!)

Introducing Our All-In-One “Cultivator” Grow Bag

We’ve taken our proprietary “Better than Rye” Grain Spawn and combined it with our Ultimate Growth Substrate to create these All-In-One grow bags that will produce:

1. Quick Colonization
2. Robust Mycelium

The All-In-One “Cultivator” Grow Bag comes Pre-Sterilized inside Professional Grade Grow Bags. Each bag has a:

i) .5-micron filter (to keep Contaminates Out and Fresh Air in)
ii) Self-Healing Injection Port (to Keep Your Inoculation Sterile)


Brief Description of Different Substrate Types:

Coir: A Complex and Nutrient-Rich Recipe of Coconut Coir, Vermiculite, and Super Supplements. Used as a general-purpose substrate for many non-manure and non-wood-loving species.

Compost: A Complex and Nutrient-Rich Recipe of Weathered Horse Compost, Coconut Coir, Vermiculite, and Super Supplements. Used as a substrate for manure/compost-loving species.

Master: A Complex and Nutrient-Rich Recipe of Hardwood, Grains, and Super Supplements. Used as a substrate for wood-loving species.




Everything is Handmade and Sterilized in our Lab in Texas!

*Note: The contents of the bags may shift slightly during preparation. This can lead to some of the substrate falling in front of the grain. We weigh out our grain precisely before sterilizing, therefore rest assured that the grain in its entirety is still present in the bag.

**Bag does NOT contain mycelium nor spores. Spores or cultures are not included. Our bags are ONLY for growing legal mushrooms. If spores are used only use spores from legal mushroom varieties.

***Products are perishable and are best when used within two weeks of receiving.

Additional information

Type of Substrate

Coir Substrate, Compost Substrate, Master Substrate

Weight / Amount of Bags

1.25 LBS, One Bag, 1.25 LBS, Two Bags, 1.25 LBS, Three Bags, 1.25 LBS, Four Bags, 1.25 LBS, Five Bags, 1.25 LBS, Six Bags, 1.25 LBS, Eight Bags, 1.25 LBS, Ten Bags, 1.25 LBS, Fifteen Bags, 1.25 LBS, Twenty Bags, 1.25 LBS, Twenty-Five Bags, 1.25 LBS, Thirty Bags, 2.5 LBS, One Bag, 2.5 LBS, Two Bags, 2.5 LBS, Three Bags, 2.5 LBS, Four Bags, 2.5 LBS, Five Bags, 2.5 LBS, Six Bags, 2.5 LBS, Eight Bags, 2.5 LBS, Ten Bags, 2.5 LBS, Fifteen Bags, 5 LBS, One Bag, 5 LBS, Two Bags, 5 LBS, Three Bags, 5 LBS, Four Bags, 5 LBS, Five Bags, 5 LBS, Six Bags, 5 LBS, Eight Bags, 5 LBS, Nine Bags

1 review for The All-In-One “Cultivator” Traditional Spawn Grow Bag – Sterilized

  1. Jay

    Hello. I can attest to the video , the bag,etc. I had 4 flushes total !! First time I ever tried anything like this too.thx

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