Premium “Traditional” Grain Spawn




Introducing our Premium “Traditional” Grain Spawn.

Our proprietary recipe of grains, seeds, and supplements will produce:
1. Quick Colonization
2. Robust Mycelium

Our Premium “Traditional” Grain Spawn comes Pre-Sterilized inside Professional Grade Grow Bags. Each bag has a:

• Self-Healing Injection Port for Clean Inoculations
• 0.2-micron filter (to keep Contaminates Out and Fresh Air in)
• Commercial-grade 10mm Seal (to Keep Your Bag Sterile)

Bags are available in 1-Pound, 2-Pound, 3-Pound and 5-Pound Increments

Each 1-pound bag contains enough spawn to inoculate up to 5 pounds of substrate


Everything is Handmade and Sterilized in our Professional Lab in Texas

*We craft our grain spawn ratios- we never use premixed grains. Therefore, our grain recipe may vary from time to time depending on the current grain availability from our farmers.
**Bag does NOT contain mycelium. Spores or cultures are not included. Our bags are ONLY for growing legal mushrooms. If spores are used only use spores from legal mushroom varieties.**
***Products are perishable and are best when used within two weeks of receiving.

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1 LB, One Bag, 1 LB, Two Bags, 1 LB, Three Bags, 1 LB, Four Bags, 1 LB, Five Bags, 1 LB, Six Bags, 1 LB, Eight Bags, 1 LB, Nine Bags, 1 LB, Ten Bags, 1 LB, Fifteen Bags, 1 LB, Twenty Bags, 1 LB, Twenty-Five Bags, 1 LB, Thirty Bags, 1 LB, Forty Bags, 2 LBS, One Bag, 2 LBS, Two Bags, 2 LBS, Three Bags, 2 LBS, Four Bags, 2 LBS, Five Bags, 2 LBS, Six Bags, 2 LBS, Eight Bags, 2 LBS, Ten Bags, 2 LBS, Fifteen Bags, 2 LBS, Twenty Bags, 3 LBS, One Bag, 3 LBS, Two Bags, 3 LBS, Three Bags, 3 LBS, Four Bags, 3 LBS, Five Bags, 3 LBS, Six Bags, 3 LBS, Eight Bags, 3 LBS, Ten Bags, 3 LBS, Fifteen Bags, 5 LBS, One Bag, 5 LBS, Two Bags, 5 LBS, Three Bags, 5 LBS, Four Bags, 5 LBS, Five Bags, 5 LBS, Six Bags, 5 LBS, Eight Bags, 5 LBS, Nine Bags


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