Fresh Cultivators Cancellation, Return, Transit Damages, and Refund Policy

Once an order is placed, we immediately get to work, and because of this, we do not allow cancellations; we cannot unmake a product, therefore once an order is in any stage of production, it cannot be cancelled or refunded even if that product is no longer wanted, needed, ordered by mistake, or yet to ship.  If there are any questions about a product or what product to order, please contact us before placing an order and we will suggest the best options available. 

If you notice an issue with your order, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your product(s). Please note that we monitor replacement and refund activity for abuse and we reserve the right to limit or decline either at our discretion.

We will gladly replace any item that arrives damaged in transit if that product is unused and reported within 7 days of receiving; we will only accept replacements if products show signs of tears, breaks, or contamination within the 7 days of receiving AND we are notified within those 7 days. Any refund will be at our discretion and replacement is the most likely solution.

We cannot accept replacements or refunds once any product has been inoculated, punctured, opened, or used. When a customer inoculates our products with ANY culture or syringe, they agree to bear all associated risks with using that syringe, including the possibility that their product will become contaminated, and their product will be a loss. Contamination may be the result of many untestable variables, which we cannot determine remotely, therefore, we do not offer replacements on products that show contamination after they have been inoculated. The only exception for replacement or refund for an inoculated product is if that product was inoculated with our liquid culture syringes. If we can determine that the culture itself was the cause of contamination, then we will replace or refund the order.

We strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied and we post our refund policy to protect our customers. We will be sure we make things right if there is an issue that occurs on our part. If there are any issues with this policy then our products are not to be purchased or used.

Product Perishability Statement

Since our products are perishable we do not accept returns. We do not use preservatives in our products therefore they are best when used within 2 weeks for maximum freshness, after which they can begin to break down naturally. If longer term storage is needed we recommend refrigerating or freezing products immediately upon receiving. 

Shipments Sent to an Incorrect Address, Returned to Sender, Lost in Mail, Marked as Delivered but Not Received

Be sure your address is updated and current when placing an order. Due to how fast we process and ship orders, we offer no guarantee that an address change can or will be made on our end after an order is placed. We are only obligated to ship to the customer’s address that auto-populates when we print our shipping labels, the same address that is entered at check out, therefore we are not responsible if that address is entered incorrectly. If a package is shipped to an old or incorrect address because a customer’s information was not updated, we will not refund or reship that order.

As mentioned, we ship all orders to the exact address that was entered at checkout, therefore if an address we ship to “bounces back” we cannot recover shipping fees that were used to ship that order. Further, when a package is returned to us for any reason, we cannot resale that product, due to perishability, and we must dispose of the product properly. These two circumstances incur additional fees. We do not cover fees to reship orders; reshipment fees can be covered by the customer at cost. If the customer chooses not to pay the fees to reship order, then we will process a refund with the following terms: 
1. Original shipping fees incurred by the company.
2. Handling and disposal costs (30% of order total) to refund that order.

*Note for International orders*
Although we ship internationally, we are not responsible for any auxiliary or extra documentation needed if an importing country requires it. It is the responsibility of the international buyer to do the research to be sure our products are allowed into their country and it is the responsibility of the buyer to know what documentation is needed for the importing country’s customs.  If a shipment is confiscated by customs, we are not responsible and will not reimburse any purchase costs of the shipment/order, including any shipping fees or taxes paid. If this term is not accepted by the buyer, including the risks of importing our products into their country, then our products should not be purchas-