Introducing The Ultimate “Coir” Growth Substrate!

This is the NEXT LEVEL in mushroom cultivation!

Years of research and development have been LEVERAGED to create “The Ultimate “Coir” Growth Substrate, a Complex and Nutrient Rich Recipe of Coconut Coir, Vermiculite, and Super Supplements that will produce:

1. Quick Colonization
2. Robust Mycelium

TIME TESTED and PROVEN to ensure you get results!

The Ultimate “Coir” Growth Substrate comes Pre-Sterilized inside Professional Grade Grow Bags. Each bag has a:

i) 2-MICRON FILTER (to keep Contaminates Out and Fresh Air in)
ii) SELF HEALING Injection Port (to Keep Your Inoculation Sterile)

Bags are available in 1-Pound and 5-Pound Increments! Be sure to purchase one of our 1-pound Premium Grain Spawn bags to easily inoculate your 5-pound bag of our Growth Substrate!

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Everything is Handmade and Sterilized in our Professional Lab in Texas!