This mushroom spawn will BLOW YOUR MIND! Introducing our Premium “Traditional” Grain Spawn.

EXPEDITE the growing process!

We’ve been working with mushroom cultures and species for the past decade so you don’t have to!
Save years of experience by leveraging our proprietary recipe of grains, seeds, and supplements that will produce:

1. Quick Colonization
2. Robust Mycelium
3. Massive Yields!
Our Premium “Traditional” Grain Spawn comes Pre-Sterilized inside Professional Grade Grow Bags. Each bag has a:

i) .5-Micron Filter (to keep contaminates out and fresh air in)
ii) Self-Healing Injection Port (to Keep Your Inoculation Sterile)

Bags are available in 1-Pound, 2-Pound, 3-Pound and 5-Pound Increments!

Each 1-pound bag contains enough spawn to inoculate one 4-5 pound Substrate Block!