Malt Extract Agar Powder- Just Add Water, Sterilize, and Pour!




Our Premium Malt Extract Agar Powder is quality-tested for results. Consisting of a proprietary blend of agar-agar, dry malt extract, and nutritional yeast, this is the perfect nutrient source for strain isolation and other agar work.

Preparation is simple:

1) Dissolve (40 grams) into 1 liter of warm filtered water.
2) Sterilize in a pressure cooker or autoclave for 30-45 minutes @ 15 psi
3) Pour 10-12 ml of the solution into each sterile 60mm petri dish (while the solution is between 125-145 degrees F).
4) Let cool and isolate!

The following is what to expect when ordering:

Small Bag = 40 grams (Makes ~80 dishes*)
Medium Bag = 80 grams (Makes ~160 dishes*)
Large Bag = 160 grams (Makes ~320 dishes*)
Extra Large Bag = 320 grams (Makes ~640 dishes*)
*Number of dishes when using 60mm plates. 90mm plates will require about 25ml per plate, which is twice the volume of 60mm dishes.

Each bag contains 40 grams of MEA Powder and can be made in smaller batches by weighing out 5 grams of LMEA for every 125 ml of water. 125 ml will be the perfect amount for about 10 petri dishes. This product is sensitive to humidity, so keep fresh MEA powder in a dry, airtight container to prevent caking.


We’re now offering our MEA Powder with a light dose of antibiotics (gentamicin) that will inhibit bacterial growth for easy isolation. Our antibiotic agar is for laboratory and research use only and is not for biological consumption.

Additional information

Size/Number of Dishes

(Small) 40 Grams – 80 Dishes, (Medium) 80 Grams – 160 Dishes, (Large) 160 Grams – 320 Dishes, (X-Large) 320 Grams – 640 Dishes


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