Our Premium Malt Extract Agar Powder is quality-tested for results. This is the perfect nutrient source for strain isolation and other agar work.

Preparation is simple:

1) Dissolve (40 grams) into 1 liter of warm filtered water.
2) Sterilize in a pressure cooker or autoclave for 30-45 minutes @ 15 psi
3) Pour 10-12 ml of the solution into each sterile petri dish while the solution is still warm.
4) Let cool and isolate!

The following is what to expect when ordering:

Small Bag = 40 grams ( Makes ~80 dishes )
Medium Bag = 80 grams ( Makes ~160 dishes )
Large Bag = 160 grams ( Makes ~320 dishes )
Extra Large Bag = 320 grams ( Makes ~640 dishes )

Each bag contains 40 grams of MEA Powder and can be made in smaller batches by weighing out 5 grams of LMEA for every 125 ml of water. 125 ml will be the perfect amount for about 10 petri dishes.

*We’re now offering our MEA Powder with a light dose of antibiotics that will inhibit bacterial growth for easy isolation. Our antibiotic agar is for laboratory and research use only and is not for biological consumption.