Organic “Choice of Champions” Rye Berry Grain Spawn




Introducing our 100% Organic “Choice of Champions” Rye Berry Grain Spawn

EXPEDITE the Growing Process

Our Organic Rye Berries is supercharged with  supplements to produce:

1. Quick Colonization
2. Robust Mycelium

Our Organic “Choice of Champions” Rye Berry Grain Spawn comes Pre-Sterilized inside Professional Grade Grow Bags. Each bag has a:
i) .5-MICRON FILTER (to keep Contaminates Out and Fresh Air in)
ii) SELF-HEALING Injection Port (to Keep Your Inoculation Sterile)

The photos showcase our 1, 2, and 3-pound bags
Each 1-pound bag contains enough spawn to inoculate up to 5 pounds of substrate

Everything is Handmade and Sterilized in our Professional Lab in Texas

*This bag does NOT contain mycelium. Spores or cultures are not included. Our bags are ONLY for growing legal mushrooms. If spores are used only use spores from legal mushroom varieties.
**Products are perishable and are best when used within two weeks of receiving.

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1 LB, One Bag, 1 LB, Two Bags, 1 LB, Three Bags, 1 LB, Four Bags, 1 LB, Five Bags, 1 LB, Six Bags, 1 LB, Eight Bags, 1 LB, Nine Bags, 1 LB, Ten Bags, 1 LB, Fifteen Bags, 1 LB, Twenty Bags, 1 LB, Twenty-Five Bags, 1 LB, Thirty Bags, 1 LB, Forty Bags, 2 LBS, One Bag, 2 LBS, Two Bags, 2 LBS, Three Bags, 2 LBS, Four Bags, 2 LBS, Five Bags, 2 LBS, Six Bags, 2 LBS, Eight Bags, 2 LBS, Ten Bags, 2 LBS, Fifteen Bags, 2 LBS, Twenty Bags, 3 LBS, One Bag, 3 LBS, Two Bags, 3 LBS, Three Bags, 3 LBS, Four Bags, 3 LBS, Five Bags, 3 LBS, Six Bags, 3 LBS, Eight Bags, 3 LBS, Ten Bags, 3 LBS, Fifteen Bags, 5 LBS, One Bag, 5 LBS, Two Bags, 5 LBS, Three Bags, 5 LBS, Four Bags, 5 LBS, Five Bags, 5 LBS, Six Bags, 5 LBS, Eight Bags, 5 LBS, Nine Bags


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