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All-In-One Instructions

First, 3ml of spores or liquid culture is injected a quarter of an inch through the self-healing injection port in the bag. Be sure to inject onto the grain directly and not the substrate. The bags are then put into a dark, warm location around 75-80 degrees for about 10-14 days.

Once the grain is about 3/4ths colonized, mix grain and substrate well and allow to colonize for an additional 10-14 days in a dark, warm location around 75-80 degrees. After this time you can tell the block is fully colonized by patting the side of the block to feel if it is solid. If it still feels loose, let it sit longer.

Once the block is fully colonized, remove it from the bag and place it onto a piece of aluminum foil inside a tub filled with a layer of 3-4 quarts of perlite, hydrated with distilled water.

Daily light and fresh air exchanges are now introduced to initiate pinning:
A) Provide the tub with 8-12 hours of light per day: light can be in the form of non-direct sunlight by placing the tub by a window or it can be by using a light bulb or led light strip.
B) Provide the tub with a minimum of 3-4 fresh air exchanges a day are required by fanning out the tub to circulate new air in. Simply remove the lid from the tub and use it to fan in new air and fan out the old air.

A light misting is recommended 2-3 times a day, to keep the tub wet and prevent the block from drying out.  Be sure to always keep the sides of the tub misted to the point that water droplets begin to roll down into the perlite, however, only a light misting on the block itself is needed (never mist the block to the point that water droplets form and roll off the block.)

After 10-14 days your blocks will be ready to harvest. After harvesting, submerge blocks in distilled water for 12-16 hours. Do not use sink water as it may contain chemicals that will inhibit growth. Place blocks back into the fruiting chamber and repeat fruiting instructions.

Repeat these steps until the block no longer fruits or contamination naturally begins to decompose the block (about 3-4+ flushes). If you have an air purifier running it will help remove airborne contaminants and may delay this process.