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Since our founding in March of 2019, we’ve worked with numerous individuals looking to cultivate mushrooms for edible and medicinal use. With the recent cultural interest in psychedelic medicine, we’ve now seen a great increase in the public desire to grow their own psychedelic mushrooms.

While laws are still firm in 2024 concerning psilocybin-producing mushroom species, there have been several FDA-approved organizations allowed to cultivate and study the use of psychedelic mushrooms. The information provided in our blog will reference both edible, medicinal, and psychedelic cultivation, so we’d like to clarify that only licensed individuals and organizations should use the information for cultivating any regulated species.

However, with the growing public interest in psychedelic medicine, we’ve decided to direct our company’s focus to the psychedelic conversation. We intend to offer insights through our own experiences, with cultivation and psychedelic therapies, and encourage the individual’s pursuit into the inner journey psychedelics provide. 

If an individual has found interest in psychedelic medicine, its benefits and drawbacks, but they are not sure where to begin, then we’d like to help provide a starting point. Fortunately, we make no claim our suggestions will guarantee any particular result or lead to any particular outcome; we understand it’s up to the individual to define what result or outcome they are looking to achieve, and it is only the depth of a person’s pursuit of that goal which will lead to the depth of its experience. Therefore our suggestions are simply that- suggestions. The action will always be up to the individual, as will the result. 

Further, we understand that there are many ways to get to the same result a person may be seeking, and psychedelic therapy may or may not be the best method to that result for an individual, so we’d love to clarify, through the individual’s reflection, if the psychedelic route is a worthwhile journey, before a person embarks upon unnecessary travels.

A few suggestions before continuing

So, if you’re simply looking for the best cultivation practices, feel free to disregard other sections within our site, as they will be unnecessary for you to achieve the largest mushroom harvests. If you enjoy discussion and community, then we also have a collection of articles that touch on the psychedelic path, its integrations, and various individuals’ journeys’ along the way. And if you want to learn more about the people who are the heartbeat of Fresh Cultivators, we’ll also provide a few pages on our personal lives and interests, what we do to get away from all the psychedelic nonsense, and how we enjoy participating in the world around us.

We are glad you’ve found us as we are glad to have found you. We invite you to join us in the journey, as we create the lives of our intentions. May good fortune find a place in very facet of your life and prosperity always chase in your footsteps. 

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