Live Ceremonial Tobacco Plant


Nicotiana Rustica



This listing is for a live Nicotiana Rustica seedling, in a 3oz cup, fully rooted and ready for transplant.

Brief History of Ceremonial Tobacco:

Ancestral lore considers Tobacco to be the first of four Sacred Medicines, given to Native mankind to establish communication with the spirit world. Tobacco allows us to communicate directly with the Great Spirit and allows helpful spirits to come and offer aid.

Unlike commercial tobacco, which has been heavily altered and stripped of its healing properties- consequently leading many consumers into addiction and ill health- this ceremonial tobacco is a guardian plant used in offering for ritual and daily requests. Native lore declares that nothing can be taken without something being given in return, therefore the act of giving (offering) tobacco allows assistance to be taken from the spirits, without the giving of that which isn’t desired to be given in return for the taking of that assistance.

In addition to tobacco being used as an offering, ceremonial tobacco is also used in various consumable forms known as Hapé and Ambil, one or both of which are consumed in conjunction with the sacred coca leaf during Yage ceremonies to allow participants clear and direct communication with the spirits. In this setting, tobacco use is considered safe and sacred by Natives, as opposed to the non-ceremonial, habitual consumption of tobacco, for the sake of nicotine consumption, which often leads to health complications.

Ultimately, it is our intentions behind our use of tobacco that will determine the consequences of it, therefore it is important that we are clear about our intentions before consuming tobacco in any form. Tobacco when used as an offering or burned in cleansing rituals is generally considered safe, although our intentions for its use should still be considered thoroughly.

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