MEA “Psy-Clone” Nutrient Agar – Sterilized and Ready to Use – Just Heat And Pour




Our Prepared “Psy-Clone” MEA Nutrient Agar is sterilized and ready to use. A definite go-to for those without an autoclave or pressure cooker on hand.

Preparation is simple:

1) Place your “Psy-Clone” bottle in boiling water until the contents liquefy.
2) Pour liquid into sterilized agar plates and allow to cool.
3) Start isolating!

The following is what to expect when ordering:

Small Bottle = 125mls  (Makes ~10 dishes*)
Medium Bottle = 250mls (Makes ~20 dishes*)
Large Bottle = 500mls (Makes ~40 dishes*)

*This amount is recommended for 60mm petri dishes. 90mm dishes will require about 25ml per plate, which is twice the volume of 60mm dishes.

Agar-agar, Dry Malt Extract, Nutritional Yeast

“Psy-Clone” Prepared Nutrient Agar is fully sterilized and should only be opened in front of a flow hood or inside a still-air box. Opening or pouring agar in non-sterile air can subject the contents to airborne contaminates which may contaminate the agar media leading to a loss of product.

**We’re now offering “Psy-Clone” with a light dose of antibiotics (gentamicin) that will inhibit bacterial growth for easy isolation. Our antibiotic agar is for laboratory and research use only and is not for biological consumption.

Additional information

Bottle Size

(Small) 125mls – 10 Dishes, (Medium) 250mls – 20 Dishes, (Large) 500mls – 40 Dishes

Amount of Bottles

One Bottle, Two Bottles, Three Bottles, Four Bottles, Five Bottles, Six Bottles, Seven Bottles, Eight Bottles, Nine Bottles, Ten Bottles


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