MEA “Psy-Clone” Plate Agar | Sterile and Ready-to-Use


  • Sterile
  • Ready-to-use
  • Isolate strains
  • Clean spores syringes
  • Store precious mycelium



Our plates are perfect for cleaning dirty spores syringes, isolating strains, and storing your priceless mycelium. Each dish comes fully sterilized and ready to use.

MEA “Psy-Clone” Agar Plates are a definite go-to for those tired of hand-pouring their own plates. We use an automated petri dish filler to mechanically pour each of our plates in front of a flow hood. This eliminates human error and creates a consistent product from dish to dish.

Every dish is best when used upon arrival, however, they can be stored at room temperature for a couple of weeks if needed. You can also place your unused dishes in the fridge for longer storage. Keep unused dishes in a clean, airtight container or bag, and wrap used dishes with parafilm to keep contaminants out.


**We’re now offering “Psy-Clone” with a light dose of antibiotics (gentamicin) that will inhibit bacterial growth for easy isolation. Our antibiotic agar is for laboratory and research use only and is not for biological consumption.

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