Our Prepared “Psy-Clone” MEA Nutrient Agar is sterilized and ready to use. A definite go-to for those without an autoclave or pressure cooker on hand.

Preparation is simple:

1) Place your “Psy-Clone” bottle in boiling water until the contents liquefy.
2) Pour liquid into sterilized agar plates and allow to cool.
3) Start isolating!

The following is what to expect when ordering:

Small Bottle = 125mls  ( Makes ~10 dishes )
Medium Bottle = 250mls ( Makes ~20 dishes )
Large Bottle = 500mls ( Makes ~40 dishes )

Agar-agar, Dry Malt Extract, Nutritional Yeast

“Psy-Clone” Prepared Nutrient Agar is fully sterilized and should only be opened in front of a flow hood or inside a still-air box. Opening or pouring agar in non-sterile air can subject the contents to airborne contaminates which may contaminate the agar media leading to a loss of product.

*We’re now offering “Psy-Clone” with a light dose of antibiotics (gentamicin) that will inhibit bacterial growth for easy isolation. Our antibiotic agar is for laboratory and research use only and is not for biological consumption.